Landlord and Tenant Representation

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Landlord Representation

As a Landlord representative in Jacksonville, we treat our assignment as if we personally owned the property.  We understand the big picture of maximizing net operating income and minimizing risks but also focus on the small details-such as attracting qualified tenants.  We thoroughly screen prospective tenants to ensure financial viability and that they fit the proper tenant mix plan.

Tenant Representation

As a Tenant representative in Jacksonville, we take time to understand your current requirements along with your future plans for growth. With solid knowledge of the commercial real estate market we can identify various opportunities that meet your needs.  We advise tenants through the entire process of site selection and lease negotiation to grand opening. Our site selection services utilizes state of the art technology such as demographic studies, drive time analysis and custom mapping.


Tenant’s should start the process of relocation 4 to 8 months before the projected move date!

Steps Madison & Hoyt takes to ensure professional tenant representation:

Conduct a comprehensive needs analysis to define the client’s current and future space requirements.

Prepare a complete market survey report on all available properties that match client’s requirements.

Conduct site tours of the best qualified properties with clients.

Provide economic analysis of the various properties toured.

Engage space planners to ensure space meets client’s needs.

Prepare and negotiate terms in the letters of intent and the final lease transaction.

Tenant improvement process - Ensure architects and building contractors are on schedule and meeting tenant's expectations. Confirm Certificate of Use and Certificate of Occupancy are  applied for and approved. Ensure Landlord is living up to the terms of the Lease Agreement.

Move-in Process - Confirm tenant is satisfied with their new space and resolve any concerns.

**It is important to note, the Tenant Representative works for the benefit of the tenant's best interest, not the Landlord. Also, the tenant does not pay their Tenant Representative.  The Landlord pays all real estate commissions.


Before Searching For Your Office Space

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